What Blocks Weight Loss?

What blocks weight loss? This is the question that most people would ask themselves when they are on the weight losing journey. Weight loss and metabolism go hand in hand and often times one will see a person that will lose weight quickly, but when the metabolism slows down it is like they never had weight to lose. How does a person slow this down?

In order to answer this question we have to understand how weight loss and metabolism work. We all know that calories are the fuel that we need to use during our daily activities. When you eat food with the calories are burned and then if we do not eat anything for a period of time the calories will be stored and will be used again. So what happens when we do not eat for a period of time and then we go back to the eating the same type of food.

This is how the body works. But as we have mentioned before the body burns the calories, but when we do not eat for a period of time the body will need to find a new source of energy. So what it does is that it starts searching for an alternative fuel. That is where the fat cells come into play. They are the storage place for the fat that the body is trying to dispose off. So, in order to lose weight and keep the metabolism going the best way to do this is to include an Indian diet as part of your daily routine.

An Indian diet contains foods that are rich in fibre, protein and phytochemicals. The fibre helps with the digestion of food and the phytochemicals give the body nutrients that help with weight loss. The carbohydrates are complex in nature and the proteins are sort of simple, but the fibre gives the body the energy that it needs to burn off the fat. If you do not get enough fibre in your diet you will also suffer from constipation and that can affect your entire body. So it is really important that you eat an Indian diet in order to lose weight effectively.

An Indian diet will also help with any type of weight loss program that you may be on. The best way to lose weight is to increase your metabolism, so one way to do this is to add spices to your food. An example would be to add turmeric powder to your lentil soup. The spices will kick start your metabolism and help you lose weight. The other way to increase your metabolism is to add more lean meats into your diet such as chicken, tilapia or salmon.

One last way that you can increase your weight loss per week is by doing exercises such as the Indian stomach exercise which is called the “Pizichil”. It involves crunches and a lot of bending and twisting. The only way to master this exercise is to do it for at least 10 minutes daily. However, if it is not easy for you to do the Indian stomach exercise then you should look at some other weight loss methods such as doing cardiovascular workouts like jogging or brisk walking.