Three Best App Stores to Consider

There are thousands of applications that are waiting to be downloaded. A variety of selection brings excitement and sheer happiness. For an android user, one of the default settings on their smartphones or tablets is Google Play, a default app store for everyone’s convenience that is easy to access.

Although there are so many wonderful applications that can be downloaded, Google Play app store comes with limited best applications. These applications are being paid for by programmers to advertise their application to the world. These are apps that can be browsed on Google Play stores. With that though, if you want to think or try something outside the box, there are couple of best app stores to consider.

Before revealing the very best app stores, here are some reasons why one must consider other platforms when it comes to browsing app stores.

  1. Encourage starting developers to market their application in the market. Many developers develop amazing platform or interface needed for your device. However, they are not given a chance to include it on Google Play store because it is out of budget. However, there are app stores that have excellent work and highlight these in other application platforms, so check these out.
  2. There are applications that you never heard of yet satisfy your hunger for application to be downloaded. Just imagine; plenty of applications started from different app stores and reached fame in the Google app store. If you want to be the first one to discover and share it to the world, visit other app stores on your gadget.
  3. Big discounts and promos. One of the great perks of some app stores is their big discounts and promos on selected applications. They may not be like the craze seen in Google app store; however, they can compete on their remarkable discounts and promos.
  4. Same Benefits – What Google Play tends to give to their clients or users can also be experienced in other app stores.
  5. Give wider option – If you are tired of looking at your conventional app store everyday with the same interface or features and too long to update new one, other app store will entertain your needs.

Journey To Another Land: Best App Stores

  1. Amazon App Store – Amazon has joined the revolution in bringing various applications in every user’s fingertips. Amazon ensures a great way to give you what you have paid for, which is a win-win situation. This kind of app store is an ideal way to move developer applications in the market which allows them to compete with other app stores.
  2. Opera Mobile App Store – Not only considered as one of the most compatible internet browsers, Opera has also joined the fun in downloading different application that have made it one of the best app stores in the market. It features both free and paid applications at very competitive prices. For Instance, an application that asked for $9.99 on a certain app stores, yet for Opera mobile app store only ask for $5.99, it is a true budget saver app store.
  3. GetJar – A cross app store platform that have been proven and tested, in the sense that it really works and give applications you need. This app store is becoming known in the market and most of its apps come free. It also encourages various developers whether experts or beginners to display their works to the market.

The core importance of being a user is to find what you are looking for in your applications. Whether you are the traditional type of guy or one who loves to experiment in new thing, it is often good to venture out into a new pool. Always remember, the options are endless when visiting app stores.